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TinyMCE is the rich text editor behind many products including Evernote, Atlassian, and Medium. According to its developers, the goal of TinyMCE is to help other developers build beautiful web content solutions. It’s easy to integrate and can be deployed in cloud-based, self-hosted, or hybrid environments. The setup makes it possible to incorporate frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.

TinyMCE gives you full control of your design with functions for creating and editing tables, establishing font families, searching and replacing fonts, and changing font size.


  • Developer(s) – Tiny Technologies Inc.
  • Stable release – July 2, 2019 
  • Written in – JavaScript
  • Operating system – Cross-platform
  • Type –  HTML editor
  • License – LGPL
  • Website – www.tiny.cloud

Key features:

1. PowerPaste: Stop broken HTML and increase productivity with PowerPaste. The only plugin on the market for rich text editors with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Full functionality across Microsoft Word, Excel and other popular platforms.

2. Spell Checker Pro: The most advanced spell checker on the market. Enable your users to see the errors as they type in up to 13 different languages at the same time in a single document. Add additional functionality over and above simple spell checking to ensure compliance with your brand.

3. Image Upload: Extend your functionality with Tiny Drive, our cloud storage system, or MoxieManager, our self-hosted file management system — both fully integrated with TinyMCE. Enable the ability to store and host files in a single location, or hook-up to a file manager with a leading UI.

4. Accessibility Checker: The TinyMCE 5 Accessibility Checker exceeds WAI-ARIA standards. The most robust accessibility checker on the market for rich text editors; take equality and your legal obligation and turn it into a simple, manageable process.

5. Link Checker: Broken links create havoc for content creators, business and SEO practitioners. Ensure content creators stay compliant and on brand with TinyMCE’s link checker. No more broken links, no more invalid links – just the right link every time.

6. Enhanced Media Embed: Take your content to the next level with enriched media previews from 2,000+ of the world’s most popular web sources. Includes Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, and Spotify.

7. Comments: Improve collaboration and enhance cross-team communication with comments. Delve into threaded conversation and integrate into your editing processes to speed up content creation.

8. Format Painter: Copy formatting from one section of your content and apply to another. Get a consistent look across your whole document with the format painter.

9. Permanent Pen: Add text in a different style from the default settings so that the new text stands out from the rest of the content.

10. Page Embed: Embed a webpage within an iframe at any point in the content. The iframe can be configured to be responsive, or constrained to proportions defined by the user.

11. Checklist: The Checklist plugin helps you organize critical tasks and increase productivity, and can be used in countless professional and personal settings.

12. Case Change: Toggle selected text between Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase. You can also customize the Title Case ruleset.

13. Premium Skins & Icons: The most beautiful UI interfaces available on the market, ready-made to drop into your application. Our Premium Skins & Icons comes with a set of ready made skins and icons to take your editor UI to the next level.

14. Advanced Tables: Take your tables to the next level with advanced sorting and a UI end users know and love.
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